For the sake of explaining the steps towards #Familyhood, we will call the first person to start #Familyhood at a school site “The Familyhood Organizer” (FO).

Step 1. FO fills- out necessary forms on link and receives general information from us to present to the school of their choice.

Step 2. FO presents our general information to the schools administration.

Step 3. The School’s administration reviews our information and FO’s background (every school has a different process).

Step 4. Once approved, the school adds “Volunteer/ Recruitment Day” on all the 1st Saturdays of the schools calendar.

Step 5. After, the FO’s background is approved by the school and the school’s annual calendar has all the 1stSaturdays days saved, FO begins to organize/promote the schools three main organizations (Student Government Association, Parent Teacher Association and Alumni Association) .